CRM Urns framework is a new company , born in 2014, and it is dedicated to providing urns covered by an exclusive international patent.

 Based in in Vicenza, CRM Urns  It employs competent staff,prepared to respond quickly to customer needs.


 The CRM Urns, are designed in a different way:it is not traditional pots or containers,but rather of urns aesthetically innovative, the container of the ashes is realized to be placed behind a framework or a mirror.Once you enter the ashes ,  the urn will look like a picture of artistic mold that can be displayed in a discreet and honorable transmitting at the same time the feeling desired.

From 2014, our company offers high quality products and innovative aesthetics to help people in mourning , for the memory of their loved ones is not forgotten .


We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients,offering an appropriate, sensitive and professional service .For this we rely on a wide range of products and configurations because you can choose a more dignified  to give a final farewell to a loved one.

Our catalog offers a wide range of prints , from Bernini, to Caravaggio other contemporary artists , you can post pictures on request . L ' assortment it includes our pets such as dogs , cats and other pets.
In all ours models, the insertion of the ashes and the photographs is extremely simple, just unscrew the four screws on the bottom of the framework and in this way is easily extract the tank. This will make it much easier to take it individually to the place of cremation without having to carry the full picture. In the same way, once removed the tank, you can insert the photo or print in the frame.
Frame in fine wood, the subjects of the paintings are copies of the most famous international artists. Fund in powder coated steel thermosetting scratchproof. Galvanized steel tank capacity 5.0 liters.